True Sincerity Issue #2: Last Two Interviews Announced, Show Tonight!

Over the past two days, we've told you a bit about four of the seven people featured in the second issue of True Sincerity. Today, the day we celebrate its release, we bring you brief summaries of the remaining two interviews. 

Jen Leduc is, first and foremost, a fan of music. She thinks of herself that way and takes pride in the responsibilities of that role as she sees it. She also writes about music on a weekly basis for the blog Side One Track One. Her ideas serve to underscore the importance of not only artists but a supportive public that champions and supports artists.

Maggie Lea & Tamara Hoover are the owners of the bar and venue Cheer Up Charlie's. They are pursuers of grand ideas and inspirers of dreams. I feel moved almost every time I have a conversation with either of them. Their interview marks the first time True Sincerity has featured anything other than an individual. While my goal remains to talk with people and not entities, these two seemed so inextricably entwined, I felt I had speak with them together. The conversation was profound, and I think the interview upholds the mission and values of True Sincerity

Our release show is TONIGHT at Cheer Up Charlie's. Marmalakes, Feverbones, Gold Beach, and Linen Closet will provide sounds. There will be some 60s dance tunes inside after Marmalakes plays to close out the evening. Music starts at 9:00 sharp It's only $5 and we hope to see you there! 

True Sincerity Issue #2: Featured Interviews

Yesterday, I shared with you a little bit about two of the artists featured in the second issue of True Sincerity. Today, I'm doing the same. Below are brief descriptions of two more of the subjects interviewed in the second issue.

Thor Harris defies description, but I'll try. He's a multi-instrumentalist who has played in the bands Swans and Shearwater. Perhaps more importantly, he's a human being in touch with the struggle of daily existence who is passionate about connecting with and helping others. My conversation with him last summer explored some of the psyche's deepest corners, and I'm excited to share it with you all on Friday!

Adam Hilton wears many hats, and he likes it that way. He plays in a band (Linen Closet), produces albums at Shine Studios, and releases music via his tape label Accrue Cassettes. He also seeks to balance himself with the universe and others and spent a good deal of time talking with me about his early frustrations in recording as well how he finds emotional center.

Remember to join us Friday for our release show at Cheer Up Charlie's! Linen Closet kicks off the night at 9:00PM sharp!

True Sincerity Issue #2: Artists Announcement

True Sincerity's second issue will be released this Friday with a celebration at Cheer Up Charlie's! I'm excited to share it with you! Many people keep asking me: who's in this issue? So, today I'm giving you a look at two of the seven people featured in the sophomore issue.

Dana Falconberry is a songwriter and musician. She has received press from myriad national outlets including the New York Times and the Washington Post. I adore her.

Her songs are transcendent, ever-evolving structures that unfurl magnificently as they are rendered by some of Austin's best musicians. Though Dana always makes sure to give credit to the cohorts that make her music possible, my interview focuses on her history, ideas, and processes as I seek to outline her as an artist and human being.

Danny Reisch not only plays in an outstanding band from Austin (Shearwater) but also produces records from an impressive list of notable artists: White Denims, Marmalakes, Shivery Shakes, to name a few. Like Danny himself, my interview with him promises to be anything but what's expected; it's a full-fledged adventure around the city in which he has worked to carve out a role as a sought-after producer and sound engineer.

Danny's studio, Good Danny's, will serve as the co-presenter for the second issue's release show that will occur at Cheer Up Charlie's on Friday January 30th. 

True Sincerity Issue #1 Available Now!

True Sincerity is in the world! True Sincerity - a new quarterly print journal focusing on the Austin music and arts community. The articles will be interview-based literary nonfiction and essays. Issue number one is available now and features interviews with Jess Williamson, Josh Denslow, Alex Cohen, Dan Rudmann, Jenna Carrens, & Andrew Stevens as well as an essay by Bryan Parker. You can purchase a copy in our store here. Thanks so very much to everyone who helped make this project a reality, especially Holly Griffin, Stephanie E. Campbell, & Dan Rudmann.