True Sincerity Issue #2: Artists Announcement

True Sincerity's second issue will be released this Friday with a celebration at Cheer Up Charlie's! I'm excited to share it with you! Many people keep asking me: who's in this issue? So, today I'm giving you a look at two of the seven people featured in the sophomore issue.

Dana Falconberry is a songwriter and musician. She has received press from myriad national outlets including the New York Times and the Washington Post. I adore her.

Her songs are transcendent, ever-evolving structures that unfurl magnificently as they are rendered by some of Austin's best musicians. Though Dana always makes sure to give credit to the cohorts that make her music possible, my interview focuses on her history, ideas, and processes as I seek to outline her as an artist and human being.

Danny Reisch not only plays in an outstanding band from Austin (Shearwater) but also produces records from an impressive list of notable artists: White Denims, Marmalakes, Shivery Shakes, to name a few. Like Danny himself, my interview with him promises to be anything but what's expected; it's a full-fledged adventure around the city in which he has worked to carve out a role as a sought-after producer and sound engineer.

Danny's studio, Good Danny's, will serve as the co-presenter for the second issue's release show that will occur at Cheer Up Charlie's on Friday January 30th.