True Sincerity Issue #2: Featured Interviews

Yesterday, I shared with you a little bit about two of the artists featured in the second issue of True Sincerity. Today, I'm doing the same. Below are brief descriptions of two more of the subjects interviewed in the second issue.

Thor Harris defies description, but I'll try. He's a multi-instrumentalist who has played in the bands Swans and Shearwater. Perhaps more importantly, he's a human being in touch with the struggle of daily existence who is passionate about connecting with and helping others. My conversation with him last summer explored some of the psyche's deepest corners, and I'm excited to share it with you all on Friday!

Adam Hilton wears many hats, and he likes it that way. He plays in a band (Linen Closet), produces albums at Shine Studios, and releases music via his tape label Accrue Cassettes. He also seeks to balance himself with the universe and others and spent a good deal of time talking with me about his early frustrations in recording as well how he finds emotional center.

Remember to join us Friday for our release show at Cheer Up Charlie's! Linen Closet kicks off the night at 9:00PM sharp!