True Sincerity Issue #2: Last Two Interviews Announced, Show Tonight!

Over the past two days, we've told you a bit about four of the seven people featured in the second issue of True Sincerity. Today, the day we celebrate its release, we bring you brief summaries of the remaining two interviews. 

Jen Leduc is, first and foremost, a fan of music. She thinks of herself that way and takes pride in the responsibilities of that role as she sees it. She also writes about music on a weekly basis for the blog Side One Track One. Her ideas serve to underscore the importance of not only artists but a supportive public that champions and supports artists.

Maggie Lea & Tamara Hoover are the owners of the bar and venue Cheer Up Charlie's. They are pursuers of grand ideas and inspirers of dreams. I feel moved almost every time I have a conversation with either of them. Their interview marks the first time True Sincerity has featured anything other than an individual. While my goal remains to talk with people and not entities, these two seemed so inextricably entwined, I felt I had speak with them together. The conversation was profound, and I think the interview upholds the mission and values of True Sincerity

Our release show is TONIGHT at Cheer Up Charlie's. Marmalakes, Feverbones, Gold Beach, and Linen Closet will provide sounds. There will be some 60s dance tunes inside after Marmalakes plays to close out the evening. Music starts at 9:00 sharp It's only $5 and we hope to see you there!