Below, peruse brief bios of our interview subjects featured in True Sincerity Issue #1 and check out each of their projects.

Jess Williamson is a songwriter and photographer from Austin, TX. Her Debut album Native State was self released in January 2014. Keep up with Williamson's work at




Josh Denslow is a writer, father, filmmaker, and the drummer of gloom pop band Borrisokane. Hear music from Borrisokane at





Alex Cohen is a poet, songwriter, and the author of a children's book, Sam in the Trees. Hear music from Cohen's band Alex Napping at





Dan Rudmann is the owner and creator of Punctum Records and a doctoral candidate at the University of Texas. Keep up with Rudmann's work at




Jenna Carrens is the founder and director of non-profit program Attendance Records, which works in public schools to educate students about music and inspires them to find a creative voice. 




Andrew Stevens is a musician living in Austin, TX. Stevens performs with almost a dozen acts including Jess Williamson, Greg Mullen, Little Lo, Taft, Alex Napping, Linen Closet, The Loblolly Boy, Jason Anderson, and his solo project Battle Bend.